Kevin Costa is a veteran of Apple Slap, Clutchbone, Living Space, Brown's My Favorite and one band that he decided he didn't like but they decided they didn't like him at the same time. He sings, plays badass bass, and is better on the keys than he thinks but not as good as the parts he hears in his head. He writes brilliant pop ditties he is constantly tempted to put in funny time signatures.

Dustin Miller like Kevin, was in Apple Slap and Clutchbone, but not Living Space. Instead he was in two things exactlyalike, Owsla, Girls Without Skin & Crescent Mantis although I suspect the last three were just different names for him and whoever would stick around for a week and buy soda. He plays guitar and is working on expanding his vocal range from belting rockers to include belting ballads.

Tom Fields broke his first guitar at the age of six after seeing The Who on the Smothers Brothers. Since then he has been rocking and or rolling for quite some time. He also played in Clutchbone and has been giving Dustin musical advice since taking him to buy his first electric guitar. He has more song ideas than any dozen bands could finish.

Jeremy Beck had just started to settle into the set list we sent him when RPM2010 came and made a man of him. He proved to be well up to the challenge and is eager to continue rocking the kit to death for more and more songs. He comes straight from work to practice in a K-9 unit but mercifully leaves the window down for Harry.

Mike Tuciarone wore out the grooves on his parents' Music from Peter Gunn when he was little; later he learned arrangement from Chicago lead sheets. He has mostly recovered from this regrettable period. High school friends who could play like Rick Wakeman got him into piano, but not only can he not play like Rick Wakeman, he found keyboards are only marginally more successful than clarinet in helping to meet girls. He is DWW's "sonic cornstarch," adding hopefully unobtrusive thickening to the band's song stylings.